Application Process Student Of The Year Awards – 2018


Eligibility to Apply

Applicants must meet both the criteria mentioned below to register for the Awards:

1. The student should presently be studying in Class VIII, IX, X, XI or XII. Students who have appeared for their Class XII Board Exams in 2018 or earlier are not eligible to apply.
2. The student must be a citizen of India on the date of the application. PIO/OCI resident and studying in India is also eligible to apply.

Application Process for the Student Of The Year Awards

The entire process for identifying the Student Of The Year has been aptly named MasterStroke, a comprehensive process to best evaluate each student for the Award, facilitated by USA UnivQuest. In order to be considered for the Awards, students need to complete all 3 steps of the process.

1. Registering for the Award
2. Completing the Universal Student Application (Online)
3. Attending Personal Interview

In addition, to boost their profile students may appear for either the Potential Discovery Test or the FIITJEE Big Bang Edge Test. However, appearing in either of these tests is not mandatory. Both the tests will be held on 14th October 2018 in 60 Centers across more than 35 cities in India.

A student who appears for FIITJEE Big Bang Edge Test, would need to register separately for the Student Of The Year Awards 2018, after paying the appropriate Registration Fee.

To Apply Click on this link: