The Student of the Year Award will celebrate the best achievers among school students in India.

The Student Of The Year Awards will celebrate the best achievers among school students in India. The Awards will be conferred on students who have the potential to serve as role models for the youth of India, now and in the future. The student need not be an all-rounder or an academic genius in order to receive the Award.

You should participate in the selection process for the Awards, if:

  • You have displayed leadership to affect a positive change in your school and/or the society around you.
  • You have enthusiastically participated in one or more of the following activities:

                 ♦ Any Sport (indoor/outdoor)

                 ♦ Extra Curriculars like writing, dancing, debating, music, MUN, entrepreneurship, etc.

                 ♦ Academic & Co-Curriculars like appearing in NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, school exams, publication
                    of research papers, participation in hackathons, science fairs, etc.

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