The inaugural Student Of The Year Awards ceremony was held at PHD House, New Delhi on 12th May, 2017. The auditorium was packed with students, parents and school heads in attendance. More than 200 students and around 25 dignitaries graced the occasion. The event started with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by a few of the school principals who were present at the Awards.

Prof. Debashis Chatterjee was the Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker at the Awards. Prof. Chatterjee is a Visiting Fulbright Professor at Harvard University and held the distinction of being the youngest Director at any Indian Institute of Management (IIM), when he was appointed Director of IIM – Kozhikode. Prof. Chatterjee spoke animatedly about his latest best-selling book “Invincible Arjuna”. According to Prof. Chatterjee, he adores Arjuna because “he conquered his enemies with the sword of clarity and the shield of discrimination.” Prof. Chatterjee led a lively two-way discussion with the audience on the nine lessons from the Mahabharat that would be of help in effective action — from doing daily chores to harnessing desires.

This was followed by the Felicitation of Award Winners, teachers and mentors. The winners of National Awards received their Plaques from Mr. Ram Lubhaya Trikha, Ex. Chairman-cum-Managing Director MECON Limited. The City Award Winners received their medals from the teachers present. The principals, teachers and mentors from the schools were also honoured with a token of appreciation from the Global SOTY Foundation.

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