First edition of Student of the Year Awards was launched in 2016 for Students of Class VIII, IX, X, XI & XII (Going to Class IX, X, XI, XII & XII Pass in April, 2017)

There was a huge response from all over India to participate. 

Felicitation ceremony was organised on May 12, 2017 at PHD House, New Delhi please visit the IMAGE GALLERY to see the glimpses of the event.

Outcomes & Experiences of Participants Student Of The Year Awards – 2016


We understand that students vary in their abilities, interests, skills, and talents. We believe that every child has a special story and a unique path to success. We feel that each student needs a nurturing and caring environment to bloom to their full potential.

We recognize that overemphasis on grades, test scores, and rote learning will not prepare students for success in the rapidly changing world. We hold that in order to be successful in the new economy, our children need to inculcate the ability to be independent, adaptable, ethical, and engaged critical thinkers.

The Student Of The Year Awards was instituted to motivate students to explore themselves and create their unique story. The students selected for the 2016 Awards represented a wide diversity of backgrounds, aspirations and achievements. Among the winners were authors, singers, poets, entrepreneurs, tech-innovators, world record holders, opinion leaders, Olympiad participants, school toppers and other superlative performers.

The Student Of The Year Awards is not just for winners. Winning the Award is not everything – participation matters. The process followed in identifying winners force students to introspect about themselves and reflect on their unique qualities. As a result, after completing the process for the Awards, students are more confident about themselves and experience increased connectedness with their dreams and goals. Therefore, everyone who participates in the process for The Awards is a winner.

I had a wonderful experience throughout this competition. The whole process helped me realize
my potential and what I could do more. It has opened my eyes to opportunities not just in
India, but globally.                

                                                                       Vidushi Sinha Class VIII, N. K. Bagrodia Public School         

The journey so far has been quite engaging. After participating in the SOTY Awards, I feel
confident about my future plans. This journey has made me realize my real potential. I hope
to continue with the same zest and achieve more.

                                                                                    Parinay Gupta Class IX, Summer Fields School

Participating in the Student Of The Year Awards was a superb experience. This was a long
awaited opportunity for me. I feel that participation was a great learning experience for me.

                                                                                        Shanu Mishra Class XII, Delhi Public School